5 benefits of acai for women´s health

Fruit consumption is an excellent ally to maintaining health during the day, and açaí is one of the superfoods rich in nutrients, which offers several benefits for women’s health. Açaí can promote the relief of menstrual period symptoms to the prevention of degenerative diseases such as breast cancer. Therefore, we are going to list 5 properties of acai and how they can help the health of women of all ages and at different stages of life.

Helps Digestion
Açaí is a food rich in fibers that help the body to better absorb nutrients, ensuring that it continues to function well and preventing constipation. In addition, fibers contribute by giving that feeling of satiety that prevents people from eating more than they need.

Reduce Menstrual Cramps
Many women suffer from menstrual cycle symptoms, and eating can help alleviate some of these discomforts. With a high concentration of calcium, açaí helps to reduce pain and swelling, common during menstruation. This happens because calcium helps to reduce uterine muscle contraction, relieving muscle pain. Some other nutrients present in the fruit also prevent problems such as anemia and irritability.

Much more energy
By consuming açaí, you get all the energy you need to practice physical activities, which is a great option for pre-workout. The carbohydrates and fats present in the fruit increase the body’s energy and resistance levels, fighting fatigue and exhaustion. The result is a much more optimized performance.

Combating Premature Aging
Premature aging is something that worries some women and choosing nutritious foods and a source of antioxidants can help reduce the body’s wear and tear. The properties of açaí, such as antioxidants and Vitamin E, are capable of reacting against free radicals, which are substances that make the body age and when in excess, cause premature aging.

Acai in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
This small purple fruit can be effective in preventing and combating degenerative diseases such as breast cancer, which is the most common type of tumor in women around the world. In the last two years, more than 2 million women were diagnosed with the disease. Scientists from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro discovered that anthocyanin is the substance responsible for helping to prevent the disease.

Anthocyanin is the pigment that gives açaí its purple color and is a natural antioxidant that acts directly on the damage caused by free radicals, protecting organs and tissues against the reactions that cause cancer. Acai has a high anthocyanin content, higher than those found in other fruits such as grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

These and several other reasons make açaí a superfood that, in addition to being tasty, provides quality of life. And to guarantee all these properties and nutrients, it is important that the açaí consumed is as natural as possible, without the addition of syrups, dyes, and preservatives.

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